Will Ellebracht

Lighting Designer, 3D Artist, CAD Drafter

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Live Events

I've worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade, specializing in Lighting. I've done everything from Technical Theatre to Concerts to corporate

3d Artistry

Since 2020, when the Live Events industry stopped doing shows for some weird reason, I've taken a liking to visualization software. I taught myself Blender, Capture, and the Unreal Engine for a variety of use-cases. Now, these programs are a vital part of my workflow, and I have used them for multiple types of projects

CAD Drafting

Drafting projects has been a part of my show-prep routine since 2013, when I started out in Vectorworks. Since then, I have expanded my drafting skills to include Revit, and have drafted a wide variety of designs, from Architectural retrofits to full AV builds.